Town of Alpine Utility District  (formerly North Star Utility District)

Water Rate                  $ 30.00 Base rate

Plus $2.75 per thousand gallons used

Ready to Serve fee     $ 25.00

Connection Fee for water $ 3,000.00

Water Service Agreement

Commercial Water Service Agreement


Sewer Rate $ 40.00/ERU (Equivalent Residential Rates)

Ready to Serve Fee    $23.00

Connection fee for Sewer $2,000.00

Sewer Service Agreement

Commercial Sanitary Sewer Agreement


Readiness to serve fee of $25.00 for water & $23.00 for sewer a month will be charged to all vacant or unconnected platted lots within the North Alpine (formerly North Star Utility) that have access to the water & Sewer systems.

Water – Sewer Connection Form


Billing Policy

Bills for water and sewer will be mailed to all customers no later than the 5th day of the following month due.  Payment will be due the twenty fifth (25th) of the month the bill is sent out.  Payments received after the next billing cycle will be accessed a 1.5 % late fee.  At the next billing cycle, delinquent accounts will be sent a delinquency notice.  If amounts due for water or sewer are not paid by sixty (60) days from when first due, water may be disconnected with a notice provided ten (10) days prior to disconnection.

If you have questions regarding Utility Billing please contact the Town Hall @ 307-654-7757.