Planning & Zoning Commission has been created by the Alpine Town Council pursuant to the requirements outlines in W.S. 15-1-604 and W.S. 15-1-605.  The Planning & Zoning Commission is regulated by Part 1 – General Provisions; Section 1-104 – Planning & Zoning Commission:  Refer to the most recent version of the Alpine Land Use and Development Code; as adopted by the Alpine Town Council.

The Planning & Zoning Commission shall consist of two (2) residents of the Town of Alpine, as well as one (1) resident of the unincorporated area of Lincoln County.

Commission Members Are:

Rex Doornbos – Chairman – Term Ending 12/31/2024

(Unincorporated Position)

Timothy Hartnett – Vice – Chairman – Term Ending 12/31/2021

Floyd Jenkins – Term Ending 12/31/2021

Board of Adjustment Members are:

Rex Doornbos

Tim Hartnett

Dave Jenkins

Floyd Jenkins

Mike Kirkwood


Mailing Address for Commission Members; and Alpine Board of Adjustment Members

P.O. Box 3070

Alpine, WY  83128

e-mail address:  [email protected]

Physical Address for the Planning & Zoning Office:

250 River Circle

Alpine, WY  83128